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Documentation of outreach, engagement, assessment and planning activities for MFP/Pathways to Community Living participants is completed online by trained personnel in the "MFP Web App". Click here for more information about the WebApp

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MFP Transition Coordination Flow Chart- shows the MFP Transition Coordination process from Referral to Transition

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Required Transition coordination Documentation

MFP Required documentation includes the following forms (You may click on the links below to view downloadable PDF versions of the documents.These PDF forms are for viewing purposes only.) Important: All of this documentation is completed prior to transition and discussed in a pre-transition staffing (click to view case review policies and procedures) with UIC, collaborating agencies and State leads. **Reminder - All MFP documentation is completed online - except Informed Consent and Quality of Life Survey.
* Informed Consent and Quality of Life Survey are not online. The Informed Consent should be uploaded to the participant's case in the WebApp. The QoL survey should be faxed or emailed to UIC.


See WebApp Training Resources for information regarding the online documentation system (CRM).