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MFP Training

Training for new MFP staff is completed online. Staff who need access to the MFP CRM WebApp must complete all required training sessions based on their MFP Role. Click on your MFP role below to learn more.

Transition Coordinators (TC) and TC Supervisors

(DMH, DRS, IDOA) Transition Coordinator

(DDD ISC/PAS) Transition Coordinator

colbert Transition Coordinator (Aetna, Illinicare, trilogy, thresholds)

Other MFP Staff

DHS DMH Resident Reviewer

Managed Care Organization (MCO/MCE/MCC/ACE/ECE)

Other Training

Monthly Quality Webinars

Recorded Webinars

Quality of Life (QOL) Survey Training is required for all who administer the survey and is included on the Transition Coordinator training pages.

Contact UIC with questions.