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Pathways to Community Living in Illinois

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Resident Review Staff Required Training

Resident review staff complete resident review assessments for individuals referred to DHS DMH.

Required courses are highlighted blue. Courses can be repeated if desired.

Course Title to Enroll in Required Download the PowerPoint Slides Related Resources to Explore

1 Overview of MFP/Pathways to Community Living

Complete Online


Intro to MFP Goals, Benchmarks, Quality Assurances, and Managed Care Coordination

PowerPoint Slides: MFP Overview

WebApp: Resident Review Staff

Step 1:watch this video

[Right click and Save as...]

Step 2: Return this signed signature page to after you have watched the training video.


Required for all who need access to WebApp.

PowerPoint Slides: Resident Review Ppt slides

Note: To gain access to the WebApp, all MFP Resident Review must complete all of the required training courses.Notify and when you have completed the required courses. UIC will verify course completion and initiate the process to provide you with a user name and password for the MFP WebApp. Additional training may be required by DHS DMH.

How to Complete the Online Click4Course Training Sessions

All trainings are completed online: