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MFP Case Review Philosophy

Providing quality care through services and supports that are person-centered, appropriate and based on individual needs and wishes is the core of the MFP transition process and will guide the case review process. With a vision toward system and process improvement, the University of Illinois seeks to balance the focus of our case review process on quality, person-centered community reintegration and adherence to health and safety directives. Beyond adherence to health and safety directives, the case review process will also examine what positive actions lead to desired outcomes for MFP participants.

Case review feedback will be provided as prompts or actionable statements that will increase the transition coordinators understanding and ability to create a comprehensive, person-centered plan of care for successful, safe, and sustainable community transitions.


The case review process will provide an internal review of the transition process and outcome evaluation, and provide feedback for system and process improvement. The case review process ensures that:


The case review process will:

MFP Case Review Policy

Contact UIC for Division-specific case review policy.